Saturday, February 7, 2015


What did you hear?
It's a chronic disturbing noise that we can no longer endure. Isis, Jihadists pound at our sensibilities.

1 in 5 people have the annoying condition of ringing noise in their ears associated with ageing, hearing loss, injury or circulatory disorder. I am one of the five. Tinnitus may be ringing, squealing, hissing, clicking, buzzing and roaring that impedes hearing and cheats one of the blessing of silence.

Journalists break news daily that is so unsettling, one can hardly carry on normal life; the Jordanian pilot is incinerated by ISIS; Jihadists conduct a campaign of killings, kidnappings, enslavement and rapes against Yazidis in Iraq. Gone is the blessing of peace.

There is very little that the medical community can do for sufferers of tinnitus. Is there anything that can be done about terrorists? ISIS atrocities have enraged the world. Most Muslims deem these acts to be reprehensible. What do pacifists recommend to be done about the Islamic State (ISIS)? Should the rest of the world retaliate with all the firepower it has? Many readers may think so. Do you think there is another solution?

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