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Ray Ferris is a frequent commentator and occasional post writer here. Ray is the author of 'The Art of Child Protection'.

If you want to assess the social workers properly then you need to go back to basic principles. This is what I always start off with and when you do that the matters usually become quite clear. The basic mandate of child protection is to ensure that a child can be made safe at home, or in alternative care. This principle is firmly embodied in the CF&CSA and there are many admonitions to extend help to parents in making sure their children are protected. If we look at what happened to Derek Hoare in the light of these principles, we can quickly see that the director was in dire dereliction of his duty.

Ayn climbed a fence and was missing for a short while, they rushed in to remove her. There can be no doubt that she was at a small risk for an hour or two. This was unforeseeable and could just as easily happen in a foster home. It was in no way due to negligent or irresponsible parenting.

What the social worker should have done is to sit down with the father and do an in-depth assessment as to what help could be given to make the home safer. It was a simple physical situation. They could have helped him to build a higher fence and they could have offered him some relief help. Something practical. He did not need a psychic re-tread.

They would have had to spend some money, but not nearly as much as they are spending in the foster home. It has been almost two full years to date. Thousands of dollars to make sure Ayn developed anxiety disorders and a feeling of abandonment.

The ignorance and stupidity exhibited was so severe that it certainly makes one think of malice. Among all the people involved, did not one of them know about attachment deficit disorders, or the mandate to offer assistance? It makes one wonder about malice.

Ray speaks and writes from a vast experience of 31 years in public service in general public welfare and child welfare, child protection, as a social worker, district supervisor, work among aboriginal peoples, long term foster care supervisor, family court coordinator, director of alcohol and drug counselling. Ray is the author of 'The Art of Child Protection'. He is a decided critic of aspects of MCFD policy as exemplified by the manner in which the Bayne family were treated these past four years. If you want to contact him, let me know by a comment and your email address.


  1. YES. we want to contact ray ferris. ASAP. I am afraid of what's around the corner for us if someone doesn't come to our rescue.
    We need support. Information. Encouragement. Advice. Any one of these would be more than we're getting after an entire year. The only thing we have left is to admit to all of these false accusations. We've held them off for a year but we're no further ahead.

  2. Please have Mr. Ray Ferris contact me a.s.a.p. as we are currently in a case which ressembles another case that he helped. Three years later we are still fighting despite having highly experienced medical experts. Please have him contact me at

  3. Please do kindly request that Mr.Ray Ferris contact my husband and I at his earliest opportunity. Two and a half years thus far on this quest to deliver our daughters from exile. An 11 day Trial through Provincial Court now finds us at the crossroads of an Appeal through Supreme Court. You may reach us at

  4. We are a family of 7 that could really benefit from Mr Ray Ferris looking over our information. May you please forward my information to him for him to contact us when he has availability I would really appreciate it. We are in court at the moment and in a matter of months there will be a judgement made that could change my children's life forever. Thank you for your time.
    Angelique smith


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