Saturday, January 4, 2014


The case to which I am making reference today is outside of Canada, outside of British Columbia and we might assume it is irrelevant to the focus upon Ayn Van Dyk, the subject of so many posts in this site for many months. It is not irrelevant.

There are numerous distinctions between the two cases but fundamentally, both cases contain an autistic child who wandered from home and hours later was discovered by police, and after reporting the incident to child protection authorities, case workers overreacted with the unnecessary outcome of distress and agony for parents and child due to separation for a prolonged time. 
In this Texas case that I mention today, and entire family of children were removed from their parents after one of the children wandered and was lost from the family for a while.  

Think of this. A Texas family, a licensed CPS foster home, now serving with Safe Families, has 5 biological children (3 of whom are grown and living on their own), 3 adopted children, 1 child in the process of private adoption, so 6 children at home. Then Safe Families asked the parents to care for a sibling group of five, one of whom was autistic, and additionally, CPS asked them to take in an infant. The autistic child wandered from home. One of the other children found the child but could not bring the child home until police found them both. While there was absolutely no suggestion of neglect, an officer was astounded at the number of children at the home and perhaps as a precaution, notified CPS. That contact spun out the bungling bureaucratic decisions many of us have seen in other cases. A judge arbitrarily took all of the children away. I said 'all' the children. The family appealed and a new court hearing with a new judge happens Jan 7. Read the story. You will be upset that intelligent people lack wisdom to the such a degree that they can hurt good people so much.

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