Friday, December 27, 2013


The photo quality may be grainy, the girl in the photo is high quality. She is Ayn Van Dyk, a lovely child. We are closing in 2014 and Ayn has been held by the B.C. Ministry of Children and Family Development for two and one half years. I underscore once again the perceived unfairness of this action. Examination of the Ministry's rationale would reveal that the perception leans heavily in the direction of fact. The girl did not need to be removed from her father and brothers when in June 2011, she wandered from her fenced back yard. She is autistic. She should not longer be deprived of her siblings and mom and dad. Either of these parents is capable of caring for her. Ministry officials and social workers, please look into this case with determination to make this right.


  1. For a long, long time, I thought losing my child to death meant that my heart could not be bruised further, but the pain that surfaced with this case has truly been unexpected and enormous. That little girl needs to go home where she is adored and safe. There is no one who is more invested in Ayn than her family. I have never felt so moved by a family's plight and the injustice of a governing system that does not understand diversity let alone honour basic human rights. MCFD of BC is one of the most harmful, callous forces I have viewed. My heart breaks... 2014, time for Ayn's reunification.

    1. I concur with your remarks Velvet. Front line workers do the leg work and I expect many of them work with compassion within the dictates of a system, yet the bureaucrats, the directors et al are so removed from real people they neither understand nor give thought to the unfairness, the horror, and the absurdity of cases like Ayn's.

    2. Happy New Year Velvet … happier than 2013

    3. It can start with a petition...


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