Tuesday, January 22, 2013


A blogger and social activist with the pen name Papa Inbc has written the following invitation to all advocates for policy and operational change to the Provincial ministry known as the Ministry of Children and Family Development. He wrote this in a public forum, the Facebook page known as ‘Help Bring LittleAutistic Girl Back to her Daddy.’ 
Papa has his own advocacy online voice called PAPA (People Assisting Parents Association). with many stirring accounts and unapologetic criticism of current MCFD practice. And now, please read the invitation to participate in a protest that is coming soon. 
“Join the protest against MCFD hosted by Tammy Lynne and Velvet Martin from Protecting Canadian Children, on Thursday January 31st 1 PM to 5 PM starting at Victory Square (Cambie & Hastings in Vancouver.)
 There is one more sign-making event at 302 Columbia (Vancouver Eastside Women's Centre www.dewc.ca) downtown Vancouver) Saturday January 26th 2-4 PM.
 This centre is populated by single women (men are not allowed, the sign-making is an exception). Grandmothers, aboriginal, in the case of the last two sign making events, people who would otherwise be homeless, spoke of their past. It is quite an eye opener to hear these individuals speak, as their lives have been touched, not only by the viciousness of MCFD, but by the incompetence of the police and Missing Women's inquiry, the current Idle No More debate, their location on the Downtown Eastside, but as far back as the 60's and 70's when the Residential School System was in operation. If you want to hear some eye-opening hair-curling stories of the incredible cruelty of various government systems these individuals these people have encountered, all you have to do is listen for an hour. Each emphasize that little has changed in their 50-60 year lifespan, and each maintain it is getting worse as they watch their children and grandchildren grow up, continuing to be victimized in particular by MCFD. It is quite a different dynamic compared to reading various atrocities to children on Facebook posts (none of these women use Facebook or computers as it is outside their generation and comfort zone), and actually listening to lucid first-person accounts of automatic child removals, deaths in care of children, meeting men who were eventually convicted women killers, drugs ($35 fir Heroin then $20 now) hearing of police taking advantage of women for their own pleasures, at-birth hospital child removals of all 'qualified' aboriginal women occurring downtown at present, rapes, foster home problems, young heartless social workers in court lying about removal circumstances... the list goes on. 
If you want to make a difference, show up, listen to the stories, physically meet people and connect, and join in on the protest. If you do nothing to stop this, eventually you will find your own children and grandchildren touched by a largely invisible system few of us in the mainstream middle class are barely aware of.”

Thank you Papa Inbc.

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