Friday, October 19, 2012


I have admired Derek Hoare serving the needs of two children with autism in his family of three children. It can be done. And if the Ministry of Children in B.C. has any doubt or if it requires a 101 refresher then I am recommending a book entitled, ‘Three Times the Love.”

Three Times the Love, by Lynn and Randy Gaston, is a memoir, written in Lynn's voice, chronicling the first few years of raising their triplets with autism.

Having tried to have children for years, Lynn at last became pregnant, with triplets no less. There was initial typical development and then each of the three boys regressed. Finally all three were diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Lynn became the kind of mom that did anything and everything to make life better for her boys. Like many families coping with autism, they had at first received contradictory diagnoses. They fought for more and better services. They leapt from therapy to therapy with good and bad results. They moved school districts for better services.

Their story became unique when they were featured on Good Morning America, Today, CNN, and other shows. Out of that came this book. This launched the Gastons into autism-related projects and publications. Offering invaluable advice that ranges from educational programs to legal issues to a comprehensive assessment of the therapies and interventions that have worked for their three unique children, Three Times the Love provides a road map for all families who will need to follow them through the trenches. Filled with practical advice and an extensive resource list, it is an essential guide for any family touched by autism. It is a good piece of literature, held my interest but of course with no guarantee that their choices could work for others. The Gastons have taken active steps to support other parents in the autism community. They created an Autism Expo, and now run a podcast site featuring speakers on autism-related issues.

• Published by Avery/Penguin Group, Copyright 2009
207 pages hardcover.

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