Friday, November 18, 2011


By Dr. Ron Unruh in Help Bring little Autistic girl back to her daddy
Derek and Ayn happy when she once lived at home

Our hearts are touched by Derek Hoare’s broken heart and most of all by the bewildered agony that terrifies Derek’s nine year old daughter Ayn (pronounced Ine). After eighteen days of Ayn’s crying, the Ministry requested that Derek supply a photo of him and Ayn together. She has been carrying this around ever since. That was 4 ½ months ago. Those pretty blue eyes were filled with tears for eighteen days despite the injection of three drugs into her system. That’s how the ministry has cared for this child with an autism disorder. Seventy hours after seizing her MCFD began the drug treatment. Drugs were unnecessary and unwelcome in Derek’s home.

He used compassion and conversation and caresses with Ayn. That works when Daddy does it. MCFD does not have the time, patience or sincere concern for that treatment. We are back to the question of ‘the best interests of the child’ about which it is progressively clearer that MCFD has little practical knowledge. MCFD is an administration not a family, an organization that manages a business, the intrusive and unwanted care of children that have been taken against the horror-struck objections of parents who find themselves bullied by a government that pretends to disdain bullying. Come on Premier Christy, pay attention to this case. I understand it is not customary for you to interfere in a specific case. If you choose to disregard Ayn and Derek, they and the rest of their family will suffer through the tangle of legalities and the crush of near bankruptcy.

Derek has not been suspected of harming his child or neglecting her. Upon her apprehension, Ayn was assessed by a hospital that reported there is no indication of any injury, harm and maltreatment and she is well and healthy and autistic. MCFD knows that Derek is a devoted and diligent dad. The evidence is conspicuous. His reputation is incontestable. And poor Ayn, who had grown out of bedwetting, has resumed this involuntary display of inner panic. Where is her father? She must wonder every hour of every day. He has always been available. He is her guardian, protector, champion and liberator – forever. And she misses her brothers. This little family, a dad and three children, two of them autistic and nevertheless in love with one another, deserve to be together, and are in anguish as long as they are not together. Their mom, while separated from their dad, is wholly supportive of Derek and applauds his efforts as a father.

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