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Today I am inserting a poem written by an advocate for Ayn Van Dyk. The author is Katrina Valentino and in this poem she addresses Ayn and she also speaks to child protection workers involved with Ayn's removal from her family and to the continuing custody by the government.  Katrina lives in Staten Island, NY, and this reflects the continental network of supporters that has embraced this 9 year old autistic girl's plight. This apprehension was not in her best interests. It was reckless. It was callous.

'Beautiful Girl'     by Katrina Valentino

Beautiful girl, standing tall before the world.
With eyes that under stand what they see, and a heart longing to be free.

Beautiful girl, knows no limits
when it comes to the one thing she truly wants,
and keeping her from home is how you taunt her,
it's how you poorly minded punish her.

Beautiful girl, with a smile that could melt the world,
and eyes that could unfreeze the most solid,
frozen of hearts.

How could it be your hearts be colder than cold,
and your soul more empty than empty?
How could you destroy such a beautiful perfection?

Beautiful girl, living in the times of cruel hearts
and in a cruel world.
She will come out on top of this,
you just wait and see.

Those doors that hold her captive,
with both hands open they will fling,
she will regard you with the same distaste you showed her I am sure.

Don't be surprised if she resents you
and looks at you through maddened eyes. 
See that's what happens when you take the father
prized from a daughter who was adored.

She is not your possession to treat how you aim at your will,
she is not a product you can stash away or sale,
she is nor a criminal or a subject for you to test.

It’s not too late for you to be human
with a beating heart in your chest.
It’s not too late to fix it, to make right your mistake, so please free Ayn,
for she deserves to be where she belongs,
with her family,
with her home.

Beautiful girl you may not can read this,
but I pray for you every day,
and you know your daddy loves you
and will come for you some day.

Until then, we will all here give you hugs and kisses in your dreams,
and in your dreams for now is where we'll meet if you want play,
one day all those who hold you in their hearts, arms, and hands
will get to see your pretty face as you're reunited with those who make you strong.

Until then, remember the world will be singing Ayn's song

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