Monday, March 14, 2011


Hon. Mary McNeil, MCFD
Premier Christy Clark today announced a new, smaller cabinet which she stated will be focused on putting families first, creating jobs and changing the way British Columbians engage with their government. Premier Clark said, “Our new cabinet will reflect the priorities of British Columbians and put families at the centre of all our decision-making.”

One of changes Premier Christy Clark made was to elevate well known MLA Mary McNeil, to the position of Minister of Children and Family Development Minister of the Ministry Children and Family Development.
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Before becoming an MLA, Ms. McNeil functioned as president and CEO of the BC Cancer Foundation for eight years. Ms. McNeil was first elected as MLA for Vancouver-False Creek in the 2009 election. She has also been a member of the Vancouver Police Board for four years. Ms. McNeil has served as Minister for Citizen Services, Minister of State for the Olympics and ActNow BC.  She is on the Treasury Board and she is Chair of Cabinet Committee on Families First. Christie Clark's Families First Campaign is built on a four part platformthe four corners of Families First
They are:
• Creating wealth, through new businesses and job creation;
• Empowering people;
• Modernizing our approach to healthy families; and,
• Building safer communities.

Will Hon. McNeill be open to an inquiry concerning CFCSA and MCFD practice?

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  1. Can anyone check and see if the Matthew Walker who is (I think) the Baynes new social worker is the same as Jason Matthew Walker? Normally, I would say, "impossible," but this is MCFD, and anything is possible with them:


  2. Is it common for social workers to 1- tip off people under investigation of drug use, drug dealing and neglect in the home of a child, a week to ten days ahead of the home visit to allow that person under investigation to clean and cover up all evidence????? 2- Is it common for a social worker to LIE to the estranged parent with the concerns for their child safety??? 3- Is it common to tell the concerned parent that stories have been blown out of proportion, even though it was the concerned parent and older siblings that witnessed all and would swear in court that all was true, after only meeting the person once briefly??? Ms. McNiel, I am a very concerned father and am frankly disqusted with M.C.D.F. I would very much like to speak with you about my concerns, believing that you actually read this site and respond would be a huge step in the right direction. I'm going to go out on a limb and post my email address because I see no other way that I would be able to speak with you.

    1. In our opinion as a family involved with MCFD and our close friends who are aware of our family's case are very concerned that the Team Leader Cheryl Beauchamp & Tammy Peterson social workers of the Kelowna MCFD have given and continue to give hollow allegations in the Kelowna Courts as evidence to the court by using the phrase "We have reason to believe" without producing proper written evidence in an legal Affidavit form given to all parties involved in the case with exhibits that can be subsantciated by witnesses, tapes and videos of crimes they alledged have happened during the course of the 30 day investigation which is mandated by their own rules and regulations.
      In our opinion they abuse their power.Prolonged the case and wasted the taxpayers money.

  3. Anon 6:21 PM March 14

    No, the Matthew Walker who is the new caseworker is not the well publicized person with the same name, but distinguished as Jason Matthew Walker.

  4. For Anon August 19 2012 3:08 AM,
    Thank you for writing. Your comment is not the first time that I have heard these social workers' names mentioned in a context of parental complaint. Any time that a testimony is upheld within our judicial system, solely on the basis of a suggestive implication without corroborative support, such as "we have reason to believe," then injustice is certain to be a resultant outcome to someone. You have stated an opinion here as well. You are entitled, yet you too require substantive evidence if you want a comment like this to make it beyond this relatively small forum of readers to news media and ultimately to the Ministry executives and MLAs. Nevertheless, thank you for writing.

  5. I appreciate the information regarding ( Team Leader Cheryl Beauchamp & Tammy Peterson social workers of the Kelowna MCFD have given and continue to give hollow allegations in the Kelowna Courts ) this online reputation & presence of these two government workers solidifies My suspicion!


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