Wednesday, March 2, 2011

JUDGE RULES - NOT GOOD NEWS / Part 464 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

They are NOT coming home. The three children, Kent (6), Baden (5) and Bethany (3) who have been in foster care for the past three years and four months and visiting with their parents for a few hours each week are not coming home to stay - to live. At least not for the foreseeable future.

In a 40 page judgement, Judge Thomas Crabtree has concluded by granting a Continuing Custody Order for a period of 6 (six) months.

There is so much more to tell you but it has to be properly processed. The judge has not bought the Shaken Baby Syndrome allegation. Nevertheless,the Court finds the children in need of protection. 

One concluding statement is: "As s. 2 of the Act provides, the family is the preferred environment for the care and upbringing of the children, but children are entitled to be protected from abuse and neglect and this must be the overriding concern of the Court. The opportunity is now in the hands of the parents. The children are in need of protection. Now is the time to move beyond this question and to take the appropriate steps to address and remedy the situation to satisfy the Court that the children should be returned to their care and custody."
And then one of the last sentences says, "In the. circumstances of this case I conclude that an order pursuant to s. 41 (1 )(c) for a period of 6 months is warranted."

We are all devastated. This is appalling. Give us time to understand where this leaves the Bayne family but it is not what we expected. 

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  1. There are no words for this devastation to their hearts.

  2. What can we do? Is there anything. We have sent out e-mails to MLA's, MP's what else? This is an outrage, as a parent I feel fear, and will never trust the ministry and our court system. They do not care about family. I know people who are drunks, the ministry interviews them at their home, and leaves the kids with their family, oh how messed up our world is. We are continually praying for a miracle, someone out there has to be able to do something. God can move mountains, we are praying for a mountain to be moved!

  3. I'm so sorry :( What to say? There are no adequate words.

  4. I am outraged, and devastated for Paul and Zabeth! This is SO WRONG! Sorry, just doesn't "cut it"

  5. Dear God!!! What is it going to take?!?!?!?!?!

  6. My heart is in absolute tears for your family! We will continue to pray. We had so much hope and faith that your children would be returned today.

  7. We must begin the real battle now, for the Baynes and all the other families who are so obviously victims of this sick, evil and corrupt ministry and government. Let's gather our strength and begin the real battle. No matter how badly we feel, it's the children we must think about; they are the ones we must fight for, and the families.

    This proves what a sick, twisted, corrupt system we have. There is no excuse whatsoever, NONE, for this judgement.

  8. I too know a family where the Mother is an alcoholic and has been in rehab several times...the kids were never taken from her...and she WAS a danger!

  9. I just don't understand. I have friends who are are social workers, I look at them differently because I'm not sure if they're trustworthy anymore. This is just wrong. I don't even know what to say. I hope this is not over.

  10. What does the order mean when it talks about six monthes? Will judge crabtree review this again in 6 months? Will it be another judge? Was this just an easy way out for a conflicted judge? If he doesn't buy the SBS and that is what this case was based on I don't understand why there would be doubt as to whether the children should be returned. It would seem yet another judge got strong armed by the ministy.

  11. This ruling is an obvious contradiction and miscarriage of justice. How does something like this come to pass in an 'evolved society'?

    On one hand the judge proclaims that he doesn't buy the shaken baby syndrome, the entire basis for the case in the first place, and that the children need to be in security of their home. On the other hand, he says that can't go home for 6 months.

    My first thought is that Judge Crabtree needs more time and this was the best way to do it. This gives him 6 more months to waffle and flop back forth and come to the obvious conclusion and rule in favour of the Bayne family.

    Sick. This is simply sick.

  12. WHAT??? I feel sick for the Bayne's. This is insanity from the Highest Level.

  13. I hope this means he is going to allow them a gradual reintroduction to their homes and this is what he is saying can take 6 months.

  14. No finding of shaken baby sydrome, but yet they are still in need of protection. FROM WHAT??? This is truly sickening.

  15. Easy People! They may be just working the Children Back into the Home slowly,and trying to save face on thier part?

    I had the same with them under my feet and in my face almost daily for 12 months. Just have to be better than they are!

  16. To Anon who said... March 2, 2011 6:30 PM:

    "I too know a family where the Mother is an alcoholic and has been in rehab several times...the kids were never taken from her...and she WAS a danger!"

    If child protection authorities do not take children who could be in danger and something happens to those children, it ALWAYS works in their favour, because they always get more funding, more laws, more sympathy, and more hatred towards parents. There is no incentive for them to protect children. These people are sub-human. If we continue to be duped, we are doomed.

  17. It isnt insanity people. Wake up!! The MLA's and MP's and other government that has been written to dont answer you and you dont end up on TV news because this story of an accident to Bethany is not believable to most people!! The parents refuse to work with MCFD, this little girl was injured very badly. She nearly lost her life. The story if you know it and have common sense is not believable. My god, I cant stand it but I am glad they are safe for 6 more months and I hope forever. If all of you that believe in the Baynes really want to help them tell them to work with the professionals, and do what they have to do to get their kids back. Why is that so difficult? Whether they want to admit the wrong doing or not, do what it takes, show them you can do it,this is a last chance order!

  18. Am I missing something here? Without the SBS allegation what other cause is there to keep the kids out of the parent's custody? What other evidence is there that the children need continuing protection? This just seems to me to be a way for the court to keep control in the ministry's court so that they don't look bad for the false SBS allegation.
    As sad as I am this seems to be the way things go ; cover for the Ministry to make them appear to ALWAYS be acting on the side of 'caution' and in the 'best interest' of the children. Admitting wrong doing on the part of the Ministry and immediately returning the children to the parents would admit a gross injustice and abuse of power on the part of MCFD and, even though that's exactly what it is, I'm not surprised that a judge in our system decided not to go there. So I am grieving over two things right now: not only the Bayne's family's injustice but also the condition of the Ministry and Families and our family courts.
    I'm hoping this continueing 6 months still leads to a road home.

  19. At hospitals, in inpatient psychiatry, if a patient has an issue with their treatment, they can appeal for an independent panel review. The patient is also granted an advocate. The patient, with the advocate, present the case before the panel - such issues as to why the patient should not remain certified (remain in hospital).
    I believe we need to call on these three in particular: Mary Polak, Minister of MCFD, Leslie du Toit, Deputy Minister of MCFD, and our new premier, Christy Clark (so called "Families First" premier), that the MCFD should establish such review panels throughout the province, that should parents/ guardians have issues re: the removal of their child/ren, they can directly make their case with an advocate supplied. This should be a free service, as it is in hospitals, so no one has to live through two hells - the lost of their children and financial hardship as suffered by the Baynes. That is what I seek to do...
    Because people are right - there are children who remain in custody or returned to dysfunctional people - poor parenting skills, personality disorders, substance abuse, marital discord, mental health issues, etc. Seems like the ministry has a haphazard approach as to who can have custody and who cannot, depending on the social worker. A rogue social worker, such as Loren Humeny, needs to be reined in. Hopefully an unbiased review panel would accomplish this. Bottom line, something needs to be done and this is the best solution I can think of - any thoughts?

  20. sorry of course is not enough. It may well be they are going to work with all to bring the children back into the home slowly. what of the infant? I dare not think of it. WE must keep writing. Write are fed. government as well. I know a social worker, who worked in that area for them,, she left not able to remove a child she felt clearly needed to be. A drunk mother beat a young teen, many times, with a coat hanger, poor child was left. AND yet same worker WAS asked to get creative and make a case stick on two very young children, where this MSW. M Ed. refused to do so,, using her own brain, knowing there was no real concern for youngs one with both parents. She left, feeling something was very wrong with the system. SOMETHING is clearly wrong. how do some people sleep at night.I know I will not given this ruling, nor will I stop praying and requesting others do same. Heart breaking.

  21. To: Anonymous 6:48
    Wow! You are very enthusiastic about your glorious winning! Is there something that you are not saying? What is Your motivation by gleeing in the Bayne's loss? Will this help you sleep better at night? Do you have a guilty conscience? hmmm.... Just who are you... maybe we know...

  22. Unfortunately the Judge is employed by the same boss as MCFD--the provincial government. The politics involved are likely more than we can imagine or that we would be willing to believe could possibly happen in this "free and democratic" society.
    I too am hoping that this is a 6 month journey back home.

  23. This is the most asinine judgement I have ever seen. I take back all the good things I have said about Crabtree. He has shattered the guidelines of the act. To put it in a nutshell these children have been in limbo for over three years. He is now extending that limbo for another half year. Not only does the act clearly mean to limit the total time in care for young children to one year, he is going to multiply that by four. Can anyone explain to me how this is in the best interests of the children? Can anyone tell me how this is "timely" as section 4 requires. This is a cowardly decision. He does not want to rock the boat. He knows as well as you and I do that there are no clear and compelling reasons to think that the Baynes are totally unfit and always will be. He could legally make a three month order on the Bayne children, because no previous order has been made. It was all interim custody during adjournments. No he did not do what the act allows. It looks like he has made a six month order, which he cannot do on young children, but he has called it a six month continuing care order. There is no such thing. Does he have no understanding that children need stability and continuity? He has taken six months since the last day of evidence to arrive at this point, thereby ensuring that timely decisions could not be made. Just like the director he picks and chooses which bits of the act he will follow and those he will ignore. A trier of fact my nether eye. A cowardly trier of innuendo and expedience. He is safe in the knowledge that the Baynes cannot find the money to appeal this stupid decision.

  24. To Anon at March 2, 2011 7:00 PM;

    You either addressed the wrong Anon / time or you misuderstand me. I am absolutely not gleeful about MCFD winning. They are corrupt, sick and need to be shut down. I think you got the wrong time / anon or you misunderstood my comment.

  25. If it was me I would

    "Appeal the order."

    I repeat

    "Appeal the Order"

  26. I'm sure anon 7:00 read the wrong time stamp. It should have been addressed at the sicko in comment 6:51 pm

  27. What are Judge Crabtree's expectations for the next 6 months. What is expected to change?

  28. To Anonymous re: 6:51 pm..."It isn't insanity, wake up"
    I'm going to be "kind" here and say that "working with the professionals" is that a joke? because there has not been professional behavior on the part of the MCFD in so many ways!
    I was told directly that "working with the MCFD" meant that Paul and Zabeth needed to admit that they hurt their baby, Bethany. How do you admit that when it is not true? This has been Bullying in the worst way from the beginning! It has been about covering the MCFD's "behinds" (to be politically correct) The real problem here has been the media involvement! NOT the safety of the children. Oh, btw, this is of course only "my opinion"

  29. This ruling simply sucks. SUCKS!

    Where is your integrity, Judge Crabtree? If you don't buy Shaken Baby, then there is nothing to support a CCO! Need another six months? Good grief! How much more evidence could you possibly need to display the integrity, love and kindness of these two people? Your ruling goes beyond understanding, and doesn't even come close to being just. Shame, shame, shame!

  30. Ray Ferris said: "He is safe in the knowledge that the Baynes cannot find the money to appeal this stupid decision."

    Can we all as Bayne supporters not find the resources to help the Baynes appeal, or whatever is necessary? Not for their sake alone, but also for the sake of all the innocent families in BC.

    I just do not understand how this is in the best interest of the children, nor how they are 'in need of protection'.

  31. I am sickened by this as well. My heart goes out to this family.
    From what has been posted I don’t get the feeling that this ruling is saying the kids will be transitioned over the next 6 months.
    I am wondering if we are dealing with a judge who is “stupidly optimistic” – by taking away the foundation of MCFD’s whole case maybe he thinks they will be forced to deal ‘fairly’ with these parents. Or perhaps this a way to force the parents to finally “tow the line.”
    Either way in 6 months time there is the opportunity for MCFD to say “Look! Another Success Story! When parents work with us we can make all things right!”
    Absolutely appalling!

  32. Why do so many blogs post as anonymous? If you feel you are right post who you are. This is such a terrible situation, and seems so many do not really know the whole story. I hope the family will work with the Ministry to ensure their children are returned, strong, safe, and supported! That's the best way.

  33. Utterly, utterly heartbroken but still trusting in God's goodness and wisdom. My 9-yr old son said it best: "I wish those bad people hadn't done that."

    Is there a way to post a "donate" button on this page? Is there a link I can put on my blogs or on FB so folks can donate?

    Still praying.

    Romans 8: 28, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

  34. My heart just sank when I read this. I cannot imagine what the Baynes are going through. Upholding them all before His Throne.

  35. I was with Zabeth Bayne at Surrey Memorial Hospital, after being released from the initial police interrogation in October of 2007. The RCMP understood after 3 weeks that they had clearly crossed irreproachable lines. And promptly dropped and closed the case. After three years, what is the case against the Bayne's? There is NO case against the Bayne's, though they have a large case file. In all those records, someone tell me, "What have they done?"

    We have three years of smoke and mirrors on the part of MCFD. And they will never feel remorse for the way in which they have battered this family. Paul & Zabeth Bayne have maintained that THEY ARE INNOCENT and this is the act which they are guilty of. Not submitting to the Ministry, not caving in to the relentless personal assaults from "Family Professionals".

    There are hundreds of people who personally know the Bayne family, and the quality of their character. This injustice will not prevail. All of the smoke the MCFD has been blowing, for too long, is bound to alert everyone that their is a fire. And that the Ministry has been holding a family inside.

  36. LOL Anonymous 7:26 ... you are doing the very thing you are criticizing! By your own words you are saying that you feel you are wrong.

  37. Judge Crabtree ruled wisely! The children are safe for at least another six months.
    If you all knew the full story on how crazy this family is you might think twice about your support. It will all come out in the end. In the meantime the kids are safe! YAY!!!!

  38. March 2, 2011 7:58 PM = MCFD social worker.

  39. I'm sure this will get deleted because it goes against the rallying of the public with misinformation but here it goes anyways. Give me a break. There is obviously so much more going on with this case and the holes in the arguments of the defense are ridiculous.

    I challenge all of you protesting to stop and think about one thing. If this family is so innocent, why have they refused to do the most basic things that are needed to get their children back. Who of you, if your children were taken away, would refuse a parental capacity assessment. Even if you believed that it was an unfair removal wouldn't you do whatever is asked. The only people that refuse parental capacity assessments are those that are guided by their lawyers to refuse because there is a possibility that they may fail.

  40. I couldn't even swallow when I read this. It sounds like in saying much, he says little. What is the expectation for the next 6 months? I will keep praying that God will be glorified through all of this, and that He will tenderly hold the Baynes' hearts.

  41. Anonymous said... @ March 2, 2011 7:26 PM
    "Why do so many blogs post as anonymous? If you feel you are right post who you are. This is such a terrible situation, and seems so many do not really know the whole story. I hope the family will work with the Ministry to ensure their children are returned, strong, safe, and supported! That's the best way.

    Because this ruling PROVES we are living in a horribly corrupt state, that's why, so WHY should we give our names to these corrupt bullies!

  42. Anonymous at March 2, 2011 8:00 PM -

    GO TO the Innocence Project and read how much governmen misconduct there is - and it is the SAME story in Canada - this is the land of Charles Smith - who helped send innocent parents to jail and helped get their children taken away!!!

    You must work for the Ministry.

  43. I cannot think of anything much more terrifying than what has happened to this family. It is senseless. 6 months to children that age is an eternity... they have spent over half of their lives out of their home!!! Are any of them taking the time to really think about that?!? My daughters were devastated to hear that this is even possible in Canada. This is malicious on the part of the ministry.

    We are praying. God is good and mighty to save. Lord help us in this nation...

  44. Winston Churchill: "Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

  45. No... 7:58 is not a social worker...
    He obviously had "close contact" with the family and is trying to reprieve some guilty emotions... He keeps saying "come out and show who you are" This is the very reason we are anonymous... "Because, you as a co-citizen of our Province are so Hell bent on helping ruin another family for your own satisfaction." You really do come off as a very uneducated sicko as someone else described you as... I think at this point they say "don't Feed the trolls"

  46. Well said, Josef Fisher.

  47. 7:58 here, nope, not an MCFD Social worker! Just someone out here in the public that sees the other side!

  48. Taken from anon 8:00
    Who of you, if your children were taken away, would refuse a parental capacity assessment. Even if you believed that it was an unfair removal wouldn't you do whatever is asked?

    Thanks Anon 8:00!
    Great point!

    This case is more about winning some sort of battle with MCFD than it is about trying to get their kids back. Pretty sickening.

  49. Court tomorrow then?
    9:30am surrey?

  50. I echo what Mark posted at 7:48 pm. What have they done? If the judge doesn't buy the shaken baby allegation, what is being held against them? I always thought the burden of proof lies with the prosecution; they need to PROVE that someone was guilty of an offence. Am I wrong?

  51. Hi Mark,

    You said, "And they will never feel remorse for the way in which they have battered this family."

    Oh, they will feel remorse... when they are sent away into everlasting punishment in the lake of fire and brimstone.

    They will have all eternity to feel remorse in 832.3 degree molten sulphur.

    Where will their freemason buddies be then? To the right? To the left? In front? Or behind?

    Probably all of the above.

    Take heart!

    The Lord Jesus Christ IS going to put an end to the corrupt governments of this world once and for all...

    But not until we are completely shattered unfortunately. Prepare for it, it is coming.

    But Jesus is coming as well. In flaming fire taking vengeance on those who do not know God or obey His gospel.

    Daniel 2:34,35 34 You watched while a stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay, and broke them in pieces. 35 Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver, and the gold were crushed together, and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors; the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found. And the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth.

    Daniel 2:43,44 43 As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle with the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay. 44 And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people; it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.


  52. Unfortunately, the judge is setting a precedent that future judges can just choose to uphold, rather than ruling the case differently. It's crazy in this case ... I feel so badly for the parents!

  53. I agree with Anon. 6:48 and Dan. Seriously people, there is only one side shown on this blog, as MCFD is prohibited to provide details publicly. Do you really think this would have gone on so long unless there was viable evidence? I'm sorry, but I believe Zabeth and Paul have told many lies! Wake up - Josiah born at 38 weeks -weighing under 4 pounds- is the latest (along with the enlarged placenta 'theory').(just google it!)I'm not a SW or MCFD worker, btw, but have closer access to the truth than most, or I would have been sucked in too! Can't you recognize that sometimes people who tell lies come in unlikely packages? It's a mental/personality disorder and it happens. Remember Casey Anthony?

  54. Sickos are celebrating, look how excited they are! New testament, James 3:12 "My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water."

  55. Yes, there is one side shown on this blog. It was intended to support the Baynes. But there is another side, one that has many valuable points to consider. Why are people forgetting how injured this baby was? She nearly died at their hands. Do you all really believe their then very tiny little boy really fell exactly head to head and caused that kind of damage to his baby sister? And why did the story change so many times? and why did Zabeth testify in court that she actually did NOT see the children collide? And for gods sake why would you put a newbie on the floor in the first place? And what about the broken femur? And the bruises on her thighs. Maybe that could be where someone grabbed her when they were shaking? Theres so much more and really that should be enough should it not? The kids need to be protected, its plain and simple and it need not drag on and on if the truth was told!!

  56. @ Anonymous Coward from 9:23 PM

    How about you have YOUR kids taken away and then try to have a "normal" pregnancy under that kind of stress.....

    So tell us the "truth" if you claim you know it.

    Just what are you getting at?

    Your psychopathic socialist country is the one who is crazy and has mental/personality disorders.

    The US isn't far behind though...

    Where will the rich Canadians go for health care one ours is like yours? Mexico?

  57. All though this is a very unfortunate situation.You will never be able to change people's opinions. No one want's to admit they were wrong or that they made a mistake. The solution may be to ask the question. Judge give me a list of what I have to do to get my children back. Take that list do it document doing it and take that documentation to the judge and precent it to him. If you have done what they have asked and have the documented proof. isn't that how you win any legal case. Just a thought. Good luck.

  58. To Anon 9:23

    You again. Still trying to cast blame for a baby being born with low birth weight after a pregnancy filled with continual stress.

    Okay. So you think you "have closer access to the truth than most". How? From who? Have you been to the court proceedings to hear the experts and evidence (or rather, lack thereof)?

    Have you personally met and gotten to know Paul and Zabeth?

    Do you have a medical degree or background or is your knowledge solely based on "google"?

    Have you done any research on misdiagnoses of Shaken Baby Syndrome? There's lots available.

    And if you're going to refer to other cases, how about looking into Dr. Charles Smith from Ontario? Ring a bell? Once a reputable forensic pathologist, he helped convict parents of murdering their children and put them into jail but it turns out he was lying about his expertise, gave false testimony, and many of those same parents have now been released from jail and had their records cleared. Lives ruined but their records have been cleared!!!!

    If you're going to keep making allegations, give some background and explain why you believe what you do.

  59. Good one Gavin! If you are innocent and they want you to do a parental capacity assesment. Do it! If it means jumping through hoops to get your kids back. Do it! Why wouldnt you?
    I would do anything it took to get my precious babies back if they were removed from my care.

  60. LE -

    So, the Baynes should do a parenting assessment? Why doesn't every parent in this Province do one? Why only those who go through MCFD? Perhaps that should be a criteria when a couple learns they are pregnant. What does it prove? Who is the decision maker of what constitutes a perfect parent?

    People are pointing fingers at this family and making accusations - for what reason? Your parenting methods are superior? You have not made poor decisions as a parent? Not made any mistakes? There is NOT ONE PERFECT FAMILY in this world!

    "He who is without sin, cast the first stone!"

  61. Why has this gone on so long? Because the Ministry has screwed up so royally their only purpose in this case now is to make sure they can find a way to come out of this blaming someone else for their screw ups. Heaven forbid your child gets injured and you take them to the hospital - 3 different hospitals - to make sure they are taken care of properly. You're asking for your life to be ripped open and all that you hold dear taken from you unjustly (remember the case of shaken baby had been CLOSED by police for lack of evidence, and now unfounded by Judge Crabtree, so YES, unjustly) taken from you. And now because they haven't jumped through the "right" hoops they are guilty? Give your heads a shake people. God be with us all!

  62. No one is celebrating - just proceeding with caution. I too question why these parents would refuse a PCA. I also wonder why the parents would choose to have another child in the midst of such uncertainty. With a history of preterm delivery and one child who may have a potentially serious medical disorder, it does not speak of sound judgment.

    The placenta is the primary route of oxygen and nutrient exchange between mother and child. When the child is not getting enough of what it needs while in utero, specifically oxygen, it will grow, thereby increasing its surface area and the capacity for oxygen exchange. In essence, the placenta was trying to save Josiah - it was not competing with him for nutrients or oxygen. It would not have taken an ultrasound to determine that there was an issue. Given the mothers relatively slim pre-pregnancy frame, any physician could have determined that IUGR was a factor.

  63. LE,

    Only the drone/humanist/socialists think they can raise children properly in their "Brave New World".

    Poor fools. They will have their "Brave New World" but it will only last 42 months and cost them eternity in molten sulphur.

  64. I am not rejoicing about this ruling. My heart is sad for the Bayne's.

    However, we knew them in 2004-2005 and at that time Paul was accused of breaking their young son's arm trying to get it into a car seat. Later it was said that he had some kind of bone disorder that made his bones brittle. How come this has never been discussed on this blog?

    I pray for the protection of the children and that God's Will will be done.

  65. To the poster of this comment:

    'This case is more about winning some sort of battle with MCFD than it is about trying to get their kids back. Pretty sickening.'

    What's sickening is that you would post such ignorant, false slander on these parents. You think that these two loving parents would go through such hell, putting everything on the line to win some game with the MCFD? Paul and Zabeth have endured such hell only to get their kids back, plain and simple.

  66. I am so very saddened that the judge created a situation where the Baynes would have to now "prove" themselves as fit parents in the eyes of the Ministry. And where it is still not certain that their family will be reunited. However, I am celebrating tonight that the judge DID NOT buy the Shaken Baby Syndrome allegation! Is that not huge?? Does that not set precedent for parents similarly charged?

  67. I'm reading all these comments and am outraged. Although I don't know all the details I can absolutely say a parental capacity assessment costs a lot of $ and performed by psychologists approved only ( read employed) by the mcfd. Anyone to take one would be a fool as the only result of these are to confirm their biased employers ( mcfd). The mcfd has a lot of power therefore anything determined by them is meant as truth. Judges are also only beginning to understand the possibility of malpractice. Judge crabtree was making a statement by dismissing the initial need for apprehension - shaken baby syndrome- and challenging this very distressed family to right this wrong as the judges hands were tied. Several judges were involved in this decision I believe to manipulate the situation like this. I hope and pray for these parents to have the energy and strength to fight this entire corrupt situation. Remember these 4 children don't deserve to be pawns in political games.

  68. It seems, according to what's written about the judge's decision, that he doesn't have enough evidence, beyond a shadow of a doubt that they're guilty, however, he's not convinced that they're innocent either. By side stepping the issue, and not ruling guilty or not guilty, he's leaving it open for the Baynes to never be able to clear their name.

  69. For Anon March 2, 2011 11:12 PM regarding Baden's Arm

    What you should do is get your facts straight.

    In fact, the incident has been covered on this blog before. Further, right now I am telling you that Judge Crabtree's ruling recites this same incident with important information. The child was x-rayed and was observed to have a traverse fracture and two old fractures to the right arm. The breaks, were thought to be suspicious and indicative of physical abuse. MCFD was notified. RCMP were contacted and a criminal investigation begun. Considerable medical investigation followed. The medical doctor modified her initial view and wrote a letter indicating that the fractures were almost certainly related to his extreme prematurity. The a neonatalist wrote that the fractures suffered by the child were related to to osteopenia of prematurity. Based on the medical results received, the Ministry completed the investigation and concluded there was no further need for Ministry involvement, confirmed in the letter dated February 14, 2006.

  70. I was stolen from my family as a child and sold to pedophiles by the government and family nazi courts. They couldn't protect anything but their own paychecks and reputation (Even that's a stretch).... do like what we are doing.... for stealing us and forcing us into a life of abuse...


    -Class Action Alberta

  71. "If all of you that believe in the Baynes really want to help them tell them to work with the professionals, and do what they have to do to get their kids back. Why is that so difficult? Whether they want to admit the wrong doing or not, do what it takes, show them you can do it,this is a last chance order! "

    I was stolen from my family and sold to pedophiles... these were my kidnappers... and abusers... not child protection... you don't co=operate with terrorists and pedophiles... it's that simple... if you have never been stolen from your family and forced to live with these wackjobs you got no business saying such things with so little understanding of what your saying.

    -Alberta Class Action

  72. How can the child welfare workers and the courts that make a living tearing apart innocent families sleep at night? How can they live with themselves? I don't even think they have a soul or a conscience to do what they do, and yet at the same time kids who really are being abused and in genuine need of protection are left in abusive homes while the innocent wrongly-targeted families have their children taken away!There is no justice in this country and I am ashamed to live here.
    As for why people post "anonymous", likely for the same reason I do; not wanting the authorities to track us down and oppress us,too.

  73. Why should the family have to do thru a parental capacity assessment? They shouldn't be required to do a little dance and jump thru their hoops to try and prove they are fit parents.Once you start to give in to their demands they just keep requiring more and more; it's like blackmail!I wouldn't cooperate with those fascists either.I would refuse and fight them all the way just on the principle of the thing.
    In criminal court you are assumed innocent until proven guilty but in family court it's the opposite: you are assumed guilty and you have to prove your innocence!The "system" in this country is a disgrace; we might as well be living in a Communist country.

  74. Bottom line-you cannot fight the MCFD and win. Please just do what they ask and you will have your kids back.

  75. This decision needs to be appealed. I believe there is enough support for the Baynes and enough outrage at MCFD that we can raise the funds to provide an appeal. Where there's a will, there's a way. And there is definately will.

    We should be spending our efforts now to find a way to get this revolting decision overturned. It may be tempting to kowtow to the Ministry, but this is not the right thing to do, nor will it return the children. The Ministry wants revenge, and revenge for the Ministry means taking the children, forever.

    We must appeal. For the sake of the Baynes, all families, and democracy.

    Time to start doing more than praying.

    Let's do what the government, and this Ministry, fear most:

    Organize, and fight back.

    The first thing we could do is have a meeting. All we need to do this is a space large enough to hold however many people pledge to show up at the meeting.

    The meeting should take place in the evening or on the weekend, because it can be difficult or impossible for people to take time off work or other commitments that occur during work hours.

  76. Can anyone provide / donate space / arrange space for a meeting to support the Baynes and, hopefully work on fundraising for an Appeal.\

    An appeal is the only way we are going to get the children back, and the only way to fight for other families and democracy.

  77. Two things: I have put anonymous because I have small children and after this case, I am absolutely scared of the MCFD.

    Secondly: Don't assume that the MCFD sleep at night. This is one of my main prayers - that they don't! And I believe in the power of prayer! Start counting sheep MCFD, 'cause it's gonna be a looooong night. :)

  78. Ron,

    Thanks for your clarification of the incident with Baden's arm. After, following the blog I never found any info on what happened with that. Like you stated I must of missed it. As previously stated I am sad for the Bayne's but most of all I am heartbroken for the children. I agree with others who have stated that if I was in that situation I would do all I could to rectify it. Maybe tests to see if there is a genetic problem done privately(like a another commentor suggested) is the way to go. I never meant to aggravate you with my comment but was just posing a question that had plagued me for years.
    At this time I feel that any further questions, I may have best not be raised on this blog. So because of that we feel as a family that we cannot put our support behind the Bayne's.
    We however, will be praying for God's Will, His protection for those precious children and for peace and strength no matter the final outcome.
    We have chosen to stay anonymous because we reside in the community that the Bayne's are from. Please accept this and read this blog from the broken humble heart of a fellow parent.

  79. It is absolutely shocking how people are blaming the baynes for any of this. I too believe there may be something else that the Public is not told, however, perhaps thats what the Ministry is tryin to show. The reason we all think there is something else is because we can't fathom the fact that children have been taken without cause from a family that is loving caring, and honest. IT is a scary thought to think that our children can be taken and there is not a damn thing we can do about it. It is really sad, when all we hear is the false allegations that have no substnace and the fact that Paul & Zabeth have been through an enourmouse emotional situation and they dont have the funds to pay for an appeal. In order for an appeal however, there has to be an error in law. I see many errors although Im not a legal expert. The governement needs to stop this harrassment on the baynes and bring those kids home!. A note about Parenting Capacity tests, I wouldn't take one either because they are written for the sole purpose of keeping kids. Just my opinion.

  80. FOR ANON 11:53 am
    I hear you, and thanks for the reply.

  81. Anon at March 3, 2011 11:53 AM -

    You state "We have chosen to stay anonymous because we reside in the community that the Bayne's are from."

    What does that mean? What are you afraid of? Obviously not the Ministry, taking your children without cause. So, what are you afraid of - I don't get it.

    By the way, I'm not sure what you are alluding to, but are you aware that innumerable radiology reports have been called into question recently, as the radiologists have been found to be UNQUALIFIED?

  82. Anon at March 3, 2011 11:53 AM:

    Please do me, and yourself, a favour: Google `wrongfully convicted`` and then look up the burden of proof in criminal cases versus child protection cases.

    Also, go to the website for the Innocence Project, where you will find that the main reasons for wrongfully convicted death row inmates are government miscoduct and witnesses who get it wrong. Just like child protection, except it`s far easier to lose your children, and far more difficult to get them back, thanks to thinking such as yours, and thanks to a very powerful and corrupt system.

  83. Reality is we live in a broken world. Reality is we don't expect police officers to know when and where a crime is going to take place before it happens but we do expect social workers to, and when they fail, we rake them over the coals. For the most part it is a thankless job yet these people spent years going to school with the interest of spending their careers protecting children and as MCFD's mandate states, 'Restoring family when possible'.
    I'm praying for Paul and Zabeth, their children and the system...that God reigns in it and is revealed through it. He is all powerful. I have seen Him move mountains...He can move this one too! God bless.

  84. This decision MUST be appealed. It is crooked, nonsensical, and corrupt, and will never lead to the children being reunited with their parents. Crabtree is only buying time for MCFD, who will eventually seek to put children up for adoption in order to provide "stability" in their lives.

    The Baynes have massive support now, and with a little organization and a "Donate" button on a cheap website could probably, quite easily, raise funds for an appeal.

    Time is of the essence. An appeal (along with massive media exposure of MCFD injustice) is the only way to win. This is not the time to be weak and be duped by MCFD's lies -think about it, why would they EVER reunite this family unless forced to by a court order? They wouldn't!

    An appeal is the only solution. Placing trust in MCFD is completely misguided, and dangerous.


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