Sunday, August 30, 2009

Natasha's and Jamie's Wedding Today

I am officiating an outdoor wedding this morning in Fort Langley. I am looking forward to this fun event at 11:00 AM. Christine and I met Cheryl Krescy in a magazine article that featured her Paris vacation apartment in the Montmartre section of the city. Cheryl is the owner of the Little White House in Fort Langley. She and her husband Gene and two of their friends partnered to purchase, renovate and rent this Parisian holiday spot called The Countess. (Go to this site and scroll down the right hand list of one bedroom.)

If you know anything about the Little White House, you know that all retail linens and clothing and all things ‘girlie’ are either black or white. It is entirely gorgeous but for an artist like me in love with colour, it becomes a bit, well ‘tedious’ in a pretty way, I had better add. I have to see Cheryl again today. Oh but today we are being liberated to broaden our colour chart. We were asked to wear colours of cream. That’s true! Colours of Cream. So it’s black, it’s white, it’s cream, sounds like a Michael Jackson song. I bought a tie specially for this occasion. It’s a lovely sunlit morning and it will be a perfect day for this wedding.

Today Gene's and Cheryl's daughter Natasha will marry Jamie Isaak and I have the honour of tying that proverbial knot. But of course as I have told the two of them and as I always say, the most important feature of this entire day is the vows they exchange with each other. Each is saying you can count on my faithfulness and love for a lifetime.

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