Wednesday, August 5, 2009

JACK TURPIN - Invites the Viewer to Pause and to Look

I had an opportunity to talk with Jack on BC Day during a garden art show at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery.

Jack Turpin
enjoyed a career as a school teacher. In describing his art passion his style of prose, a sample of which I have selected from his website bio material, tantalizes the reader so much, you want to sign up for lessons, no matter what he is teaching.
From an early age I was attracted to various painting media, but the immediate and direct qualities of drawing commanded my greatest attention from that time to the present. However, the undeniable tradition of impressionist and realist painters of the Canadian landscape has exerted the greatest influence in my painting. Having been brought up in a province where the built environment is usually dominated by the overwhelming beauty of its natural setting, I tend to direct my gaze to the literal edges of human activity - where man and Nature overlap, but Nature predominates. As such, the appearance and influence of man’s presence usually assumes a subtle role in the subject matter of my paintings. Recurring themes in my art are soft light and summoning shapes, which hint of a story untold or a destination not fully revealed. I see my role as an artist not unlike that of a storyteller. I invite the viewer to pause, look more closely into lengthening afternoon shadows or follow a beckoning, overgrown path.

It makes you want to see his work doesn’t it? Give yourself a treat and check his website. He is an exemplary practitioner of journaling and his is an art journal. He often displays this delightful book along with his art pieces. It is a veritable collector’s item. What a painter he is! He renders wonderful landscapes but he also has an imagination which requires expression in scenes he creates.

He has received deserved and welcome coverage in area news and the Federation of Canadian Artists magazine. Enjoy a video "Two for the Road" displaying his work and that of his close friend Perry Haddock. Both were teachers at H.D. Stafford Secondary. They paint and show together frequently (photo of Perry and Jack together). Another close amigo is Darren Perkins, and all three meet weekly to sip, chat and paint.

Jack Turpin's breathtaking website

* Roxanne Hooper, wrote 'Two for the Road' in the Langley Advance, posted on 20 Mar 2009
* Art Avenue magazine, A Federation of Canadian Artists Publication Vol.8 - No.6 November/December 2008, cover feature is "A painting in the life of... Jack Turpin"
* Brenda Anderson, 'Journeys in a Journal' in the Times Reporter, Aug 3, 2007,

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Artistic expressions have the ability to influence individuals and cultures in powerful ways. The arts give an experience that impacts the whole person. When moved by a story we want to enter into its action and meaning.

The painting 'Sunrise on the Fraser' is the property of the artist. Seek the artist's permission at his website to use the image.

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