Saturday, July 11, 2009

Visual Art is Huge at the Calgary Stampede

This is the last weekend of Calgary Stampede 2009, July 3-13

It’s the Western Showcase and it’s an integral part of the Calgary Stampede. You may not have thought that Chuckwagon Races and Art are compatible. Somebody thought they were. For 30 years Western Showcase has displayed the work of well known western artists until it has become one of the strongest art shows in North America.

Artists apply and the fortunate ones go with their work on display and for sale. Patrons come prepared to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of art. Among the local artists with whom I am familiar who are at the Stampede right now, are Roger Arndt, Jonn Einerrsen, Brent Heighton, and Murray Phillips.

Western Art is defined as art that is visually identifiable depicting themes of western prairie/mountain culture, lifestyle, heritage and characters. In various mediums artists convey scenes of ranching; landscapes; rodeo; agriculture; first nations; florals; portraits; architecture and wildlife.

GPS Application
God has an intrinsic relationship with beauty. In the context of earth, he spoke principles which birthed carbon coloured space and cerulean skies with golden sun and jade pasture and azure seas and scarlet flowers. He looked at all that he had made and he pronounced it good. If Eric Liddell was correct in believing that God took pleasure in his running it is sensible to assume that God can delight in our painting.

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