Thursday, December 20, 2018


'Soccer Mom' is how she is identified to you. She has written this … "Thank you very much Ray and Ron for your help getting my child home. Without your assistance, I never would have gotten my child back."  

"My child was finally returned because the MCFD refused to disclose their evidence against me. I am a long time successful child and family advocate at my children's schools, in the district and at the provincial level, including my community. I have been a volunteer coach for two sports clubs over many years for both my children. The social worker had no intention of returning my child to my care. I was deemed uncooperative throughout. The MCFD`s actions have traumatized my child and my entire family and who no longer have our respect. (Read further …) 

I was not served properly. Within weeks of my child being removed, Another family told me the social worker was encouraging them to hire a lawyer to adopt my child. The social worker lied saying she did not know of my child`s wishes to return to a school despite being told by 3 different adults. I was deemed uncooperative by the social worker despite seeing their counsellor every week for weeks and a psychologist both of which asked me what was wrong and why they had to see me and I was unable to answer. I was forced to sign documents after the fact in order to be cooperative and upon the advice of my lawyer. I requested FOI document from the counselling sessions for my children and the social worker told me my request made her feel threatened; my lawyer advised me to leave them alone so I would be cooperative. The social worker promised things in court and then refused to do them after court. As well....
The MCFD willfully exposed my child to all kinds of risk. The MCFD put my child into two different homes without completing the full home assessment at each ... this was reported in court documents. My child says social workers only saw my child about 4 times over one year. They denied paying for an activity my child has done every year for 11 years despite promises. They deemed my child's cultural identity not important. They also said my child didn't have severe asthma and anaphylaxis (despite notations in previous school records) because the current school said my child only had the flu. They refused to allow my child's paediatric allergist to reassess my child despite missing a lot of school for respiratory issues shortly before my child was removed from my care, and medical documentation (provided to the social worker) from a paediatric allergist and a paediatric pulmonologist, both very familiar with my child's medical history and unique asthmatic symptoms. They withheld report cards, switched family doctors, and prevented the school from speaking with me regarding my child. 
When I complained my family had to promise to supervise me 24x7 while in the presence of my child. I was not allowed to stay at my family's home or in the same community to visit with my child who was 12 hours drive away. My older adult child never saw their younger sibling over the year my child was in the MCFD's care due to the restrictive measures placed on our family and work requirements. Even family friends were prevented from seeing my child." 

Ron here … I am thrilled with this outcome for Soccer Mom and her family and grieved with the recurring missteps by a help agency (MCFD) whose acceptable purposes are sometimes endangered by inadequate processes. Her note is like a Christmas gift for Ray and me. I am deeply grateful to know Ray Ferris whose commitment to helping people to navigate their heartbreaking troubles has been so beneficial to many. He is the one who provided Mom with all the sound counsel she needed to obtain MCFD’s change of mind. 

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