Sunday, September 25, 2016


Ray Ferris has been invested in this case as most advocated spirits are. It’s the case of the Metis child whom MCFD wants to ship from a BC Metis foster parent home to a non-aboriginal home in Ontario because there are two siblings earlier sent there. He has written another piece and sent it to me today. 

(Photo:Mike McArthur/CBC)
"The Metis foster parents spent two days in court last week in Vancouver Supreme Court. Jack Hittrich, their lawyer applied for leave to approach the Supreme Court of Canada on a Charter of Rights application protecting the aboriginal heritage. Of course the MCF director is fighting that tooth and nail and has shown the customary nasty and vindictive behaviour that we have come to expect from the office. There is a publication ban on the case, so you may see nothing in the media. The judge expects to rule tomorrow, Monday Sept 26th. 
"There is a glimmer of hope in the case, because, as you may already know, Child and Youth representative Mary-Ellen Turpel-Lafond has waded in with both feet. She has asked the Court to adjourn for one month in order to seek further consultations with provincial Metis leaders. She has also asked the provincial Attorney General, Susan Antoine to intervene. A crafty move in one respect, because she knows that judges don’t like to refuse requests for adjournments for good cause. (One of the reasons why our justice system is so slow.)

   "No doubt Jack Hittrich will try to get another ban on moving the child during the adjournment if the court agrees. To give the ministry its due it is consistent and fair and is completely without prejudice. They achieve this by simply treating everyone, including their foster homes as if they were canine excrement."  (Written by Ray Ferris.)

Ray is an unapologetic critic of the MCFD mistakes. Ray is the author of 'The Art of Child Protection'. You can purchase it from him by writing to

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