Thursday, February 11, 2016


Child can’t be identified, but this is the little girl
Three posts entries ago I wrote an article entitled, 'METI FOSTER PARENTS CONTEST THE RELOCATION OF THEIR METIS FOSTER    CHILD'.

Now I want you to consider signing a petition to help these people. This little girl should not be placed in a non-aboriginal home with strangers. I want you to speak to the rights of this child to stay with the only family the child has known and where she is loved and at peace.

At the site, you will find the story that I touched upon in my piece above, but with personal and greater detail. Then the petition button is at the bottom of the prose. Please Sign.  

The Metis Foundation is in support of this child remaining with Metis foster parents in British Columbia who have cared for her since infancy. Her two siblings are with a non aboriginal family in Ontario. The  toddler doesn’t know her siblings. 

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  1. The latest chapter in this horror story shows the director forbidding the foster parents to take the child to a Metis festival on the grounds that it would invade her privacy. What utter rot!!! as the foster mum pointed out, they take the child to church,socialize with family and friends and talk to the neighbours. Dozens of people already know her. The children's ministry has a favorite mantra---protection of privacy. Unfortunately, this has now worn so threadbare that it no longer covers their arses decently any more.


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