Friday, January 22, 2016


I don't like carping about my provincial government. I wish there were no reasons for faultfinding. The Liberals under Christy Clark's leadership are responsible for some concerning decisions and policies. Here they are.

1. Ministry of Children and Family Development is stricken with issues, like denying culpability for allowing a sexually abusive father access to his children, and housing foster children in hotels, and several youth committing suicide as life became hopeless.
2. Shawinigan Lake and the approval government has given for a company to transport and to dump 100,000 tons annually of contaminated soil close to the watershed that services residents. This approval has been given in spite of a Residents Association appeal and two court cases.
3. B.C. Ferries fare increases and breakdowns of ferries and services. Lately, after a $15 million repair, the Queen of Chilliwack was sold for 1.8 million, in fact sold to a former B.C. ferry executive who now runs a ferry company in Fuji.
4. Christy Clark visited Haida Gwaii and announced a $150,000 grant to Old Massett Village Council to fund a study for a proposed $4million expansion to the 40 student elementary school. This announcement boosted Chief Rae's re-election campaign and he incidentally supports the $10 million wind farm proposal in which Clark's brother is involved. Oh, by the way, the school is a federal responsibility, not provincial.
5. Old Growth Forests mean little to the Liberal government that in 2003 passed the Working Forest Act which eliminated most restrictions on selling or logging public and crown land. Now a new logging permit has been approved by the Liberals as though we no longer care about these treasured forests.
6. Deleting government emails that should always be available under the Freedom of Information Act, and the practice dates back to 2012.
7. Laura Miller, a former Liberal executive, who in 2015 had three criminal charges laid against her in Ontario for destruction of documents.

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