Thursday, January 8, 2015


It's a bureaucratic spectacle. It is recognizable. Even lawyers acknowledge that within a network of social workers, police officers and judges who make the hard decisions for emergency child-removals, there is a tendency for these professionals to become self-reinforcing and self-perpetuating in all subsequent child protective proceedings. Where are the checks and balances, the accountability, the investigatory due diligence, particularly when it is also statistically evidenced that each day that a child lives in a foster care environment is another day closer to the termination of all parental rights. In a just system, good and responsible parents despite economic, emotional or relational challenges would be identified, would not be cut off from their children and would not lose in their lives, what is most precious to them. There is so much that a just child protection system can do to assist parents to raise their children safely and happily rather than to take the children away.


  1. I have written so much before on this blog that I can only start by repeating what I have already said more than once. For those who read my treatise on resolving systemic problems in child protection, you will know that most of the problems are not systemic, but they are rooted in lack of training leading to high stress and high staff turnover. This means green social workers being asked to do the difficult work of child protection.They are supervised by equally badly trained "team leaders" who offer them little guidance. Meanwhile the senior officials can only perceive protection work as trying to turn their staff into bureaucratic functionaries who do protection work by the numbers. Everything is done by filling in forms. Do not expect good judgement, compassion or ethics because they are not in the manual. Got a problem? Don't worry minister, we have a brand new form that will solve it. Got a concern Ms. Turpel-Lafond? We are improving our software and soon all will be well. The solutions are difficult. Oh yes, Ron. You ask about the CF&CSA and what it says. As the Act is routinely ignored it is of limited value to quote it, but for what it is worth I will mention that the Act emphases that if a child can be made safe at home with appropriate help, then that help should be given. Also it emphasizes that cases on young children should be settled very quickly. 'This is to reduce emotional damage. At its best the Act is where good social work practice and good legal practice join hands. Too bad that defence lawyers are ignorant of good social work and social workers are ignorant of their responsibilities and accountability under the law.

  2. My grandchild has been molested 4 times since her father who for the past 41/2 yrs was ONLY allowed supervised visits due to his abusive past of the mother. One court case proved his guilt Yet family court overruled and he got access. Last yr judge granted him unsupervised he instantly started abusing the child. Cps didn't care and the RCMP could not touch him because he retained a criminal defense attorny who told the cops to leave him alone. Now CPS have gone in favour of the Molestor (She came back from a visit 2 wks ago she was quiet traumatised and breaking out in cold sweats...Dr confirmed something wrong had happened down there and reported it himself after the child stated he'd muffled her screams with a sweater stuffed in her mouth) On July 29th the judge has made it CLEAR...she plans on removing the child from the mother and handing the child over to the father and the MOTHER will no longer have rights to this child. No lawyer will touch this case all told daughter it's a NO win situation she will Lose her child. WHY? because she followed the guide lines called CPS and the RCMP to report child molestation not once Not twice but now 3 times. CPS turned to the fathers side even after admitting to the mother they have him on record of being abusive and also with sleeping with UNDER age girls. Only crime here the mother reported it to try and keep her child safe.............Now she's going to lose her child! And the judge has stated once this happens she will come after myself the grandmother (I reported the first molestation to the RCMP) and the mother and have us for lieing and wasting courts time. WOW.............................I've gone through all the channels of reporting these ppl...I've gone way up the food chain here and I've been relentless....but nothing ....

    THis little girls life has been with her mother she won't even call her father "Daddy" after she saw him choke and almost kill her motehr with his pick up truck she refused to day his name as daddy. This little girl lives with her mother and grandmother who's helped raise her. She had a baby sister she adores and a new puppy and kitten. (We are hoping the new addtions will help sooth her fears) She all set up to start school down the road in Sept. The mother has NO criminal past no reports against her NOTHING. Father has a criminal past no respect for the law or rules...Yet he's going to get her????? sorry for the vent but removing a child is disgusting....


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