Friday, August 29, 2014


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Justin Trudeau, as a potential Prime Ministry is still a riddle, but that will not matter if he carries the same popular support that his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau enjoyed for most of the fifteen years that he was PM. I don't know whether Justin has what it will take to govern a country.

Lest we forget PET, he came to power on the wave of Trudeaumania as columnist Lubor J. Zink coined it. He was not a friend of Quebec separatists who were at the height of their rhetoric and fervor then.
To conservative Canadians Pierre seemed too liberal a Liberal, yet it must be recalled that the universal health care that we enjoy was something he championed. He advocated a Just Society with participatory democracy and full rights of citizens for minorities and First Nations and Inuit peoples. For Trudeau the Just Society pertained to all of his policies such as multiculturalism and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He nurtured programmes that improved welfare of seniors, youth and underprivileged people. Notably he acted like a commander in chief when the October Crisis exploded in 1970 with the violence of the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ). Five days after Pierre Laporte was kidnapped and murdered, Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act, which ultimately quelled the rebellion and brought justice to the extremists. And of course, Bonjour! There was the passage of Trudeau's official bilingualism legislation requiring Federal services to be offered in both French and English and then inevitably came the Official Languages Act in 1969. Further, he is credited with introducing our country's Multiculturalism Policy of 1971 which officially acknowledged that Canada is not a single unitary culture but a plurality of cultures within the framework of two primary languages. And lastly, there is Petro Canada, the idea for which was birthed by NDP, but Trudeau's Liberal minority government supported it and it became a Crown Corporation in 1975 to Canadians could benefit from the rising oil revenues. Since then Petro Canada has become a Suncor Energy company and the federal government is out of the oil business. 

Canadian Press
Well then, can Justin get elected? Probably! That is probably on the strength of the votes he will receive as he champions the legalization of 'Weed.' I mean that sincerely. It may still be illegal to sell the stuff, but numerous residents all around our home are buying and using and it appears a natural progression to legalization. I'm sitting on my deck right now, breathing in some sweet fumes - doesn't cost me a cent (obsolete), because my neighbour beneath us, and our neighbours to the right are smoking. Canadian rights and freedoms. I'm free to sell my place and move elsewhere. We will soon see how much the son is like the father.

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