Friday, May 30, 2014


Ayn and Mommy within the past three years
Ayn and Daddy when she was a small girl 
4 days remain for the current TCO, Temporary Court Order by which the Ministry of Children and Family Development hold Ayn Van Dyk, in foster care in her 12th year of life. She was nine years of age when she was removed from her father's custody.
You know this story or you wouldn't be on this page. Her father, Derek Hoare, is the father of two other children, sons, one of whom is also autistic as Ayn is. He is the boys' primary caregiver, and he's a good father. MCFD must acknowledge that. No evidence existed that Derek was negligent, careless, less than thorough as caregiver when his daughter at the age nine, scaled a backyard fence and strolled to a neighbour's yard. Derek could not immediately locate her. I'll bet he will regret forever, involving RCMP in the search. They have their protocol too, don't they, so, when they found Ayn three hours later, they informed MCFD, that they may be a concern that warrants a query, an investigation. The assessment could have been conducted in some manner without removing Ayn from Derek's custody. Instead, MCFD traumatized the child, and then subsequently loaded her with drugs that would stabilize her agitated state. That's all a matter of record. At the same time, MCFD's action infuriated Derek, yet, once the first few days passed, he articulately described to media interviewers the violation and injustice of the MCFD action but most of all he championed his daughter's need to be free and with her loving family. For reasons that may become clearer after this case is settled, Derek withdrew from public discussion of his daughter's case. Whatever  conditions were imposed upon him, whatever pressures were applied, Derek has remained stoically silent for the past two years. Now, as we approach the anniversary of his daughter's life changing incident, he waits, as do his sons and his own siblings, and his ex-wife, for the outcome of yet another court appointment. This one marks the conclusion of the TCO. It does not guarantee Ayn's return to one of her parents. That's why everyone, including the many who have followed the family story via this Facebook page, are anxiously counting the days and hours. What else can any of us do, apart from extending our heartfelt support, affection and promises of prayer.

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