Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Manitoba Child and Family Services seized Matias de Antonia at birth, and on March 27th, he died while in foster. The baby’s mother Maria Herriera’s family roots are in Colombia and their first language is Spanish. She has been in Canada for six years and she is a permanent resident of Canada. She had no record of neglect during her pregnancy. She has no record of mental illness. CFS were concerned about her ability to care for the child. The boy’s uncle, Carlos Burgos said that the family disagreed with the CFS’s action and says, “I’m not against CFS at all. CFS is there it help people, it’s just some people they don’t know how to do their jobs properly. They were very rough with my family. They didn’t give us the opportunity to show we could raise Matias. They took the baby away from our sister, from us.”

This data and interview details are part of a Global network article authored by By Eric Szeto, Reporter/Anchor.

Every province has its stories that raise concern over deaths of children while in government initiated and sponsored foster care. Concern must result in better management. This cannot be allowed to continue. Legislators, government Ministers, Judges, politicians from all parties have to take notice of this.

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