Monday, November 18, 2013


Rob Ford is a life coach right now. Here is what he is teaching Canadians. We have not seen a repentant Rob Ford, not yet. We have seen a proudly apologetic Rob Ford. We have also witnessed defiance. Evidently, apology and defiance can partner together. They are not mutually exclusive. Repentance and defiance however, are diametrical - opposites. Repentance in this situation, can only be authenticated by Mr. Ford’s resignation from the office of Mayor of Toronto. Apology and repentance are not parallel terms or character statements. The citizens of Toronto, the City Councillors, the network of Canadian Mayors deserve more than apology now.

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  1. Today - Nov 18th 2013 - Toronto city council voted to remove most of Mayor Rob Ford's remaining powers, delegating them to the Deputy Mayor, Norm Kelly; reduced his budget to that of a councillor; reduced his 19 assistants to three. Still he promises to fight these decisions and refuses to resign; asserting that he will make ‘outright war’ against opposing councilors in next fall’s election, claiming that “every one of you guys have sinned.” He is the one who acknowledged buying illegal drugs and admitted smoking crack cocaine. As he hurried through the gallery be accidentally bumped into city councillor Pam McConnell who was later seen putting ice to her lip. Of course he had to apologize for that as well. He told Fox news last night that he wants to run for Prime Minister one day.


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