Wednesday, July 24, 2013


AYN and AMIE on another occasion
Over the weekend Amie Van Dyk was counting down the hours until her daughter Ayn would be at her home and staying overnight. This sleepover was coming after two years in foster care. Amie wrote, “12 hours, 34 min. 2 years of waiting ends.” A bit later she commented, “She's been to mommy's house many times. She never wants to leave. Tonight she doesn’t have to.

Then today, Wednesday, July 24, 2013, the day after, Amie wrote, “Ayn left about an hour ago. This was the longest visit we have had together since this ordeal began, 25 hours. She's about to begin a visit with her dad and I sincerely hope it brings them both joy and laughter.

I wanted this visit to be normal. To be able to prepare 3 meals, bake a cake, attend to hygiene, to go through a bed time routine. She was very happy to be spending the night, giggly and over all in excellent spirits. 

It was a great time, very happy memories.

The visit with her daddy, will be Ayn’s third in recent weeks and there were none before this since the June 2011 removal of this child from her father’s care. Derek was the primary and custodial parent. Because Ayn is autistic and because the father-daughter bond was so tight, and because Derek (Derek Hoare) was convinced that irreparable damage would occur if he visited her only to leave her with strangers again, he purposefully refrained from visiting her at all. Obviously, he has amended his viewpoint in order to have this visit with Ayn. Perhaps it is integral to the negotiation he has been having with MCFD. This provides Ayn with the opportunity to see her dad and her two brothers. All of the supporters of this family are trusting that his visit is as successful as the recent overnight at Amie’s home.

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