Saturday, June 22, 2013


In June 2011, MCFD’s decision to apprehend Ayn was the result of under-investigation. I believe it was over-reaction rather than over-investigation. Sending out the child protection team was standard procedure following an RCMP involvement in a child-search. However, when social workers arrive unannounced with document in hand, requesting a parent’s signature to a voluntary surrender of a child, without engaging in a sincere discussion of the challenges of parenting an autistic child, and in this specific case, the reasonable explanation for the child’s wandering from home, and possibly as well, asking how the Ministry could actually facilitate Derek’s job of caring for three children, two of whom are autistic, then the MCFD action was flagrantly unreasonable, illogical, unfounded, groundless, senseless and irrational.
Decidedly under-investigated and one more fact in the statistic of 30% under-investigation which is a condemnation rather than a justification, vindication or an excuse. Shame on social workers involved in Ayn’s case. No wonder there is such a turnover of SWs on this one. Who would want their name associated with a story that will undoubtedly hit CBC, Global and other network news.

We can hope that Stephanie Cadieux, who was reappointed as Minister of Children and Family Development, will listen. She has a sensitivity to the disabled since she herself lives with some limitations. Perhaps she can be persuaded to hear information that challenges MCFD's performance records. (Take a peek at the News on Stephanie Cadieux)

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