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APRIL 14, 2013 - We expected that Ayn would have been returned home by now, but she is still in foster care. Her mom enjoys unsupervised visits with Ayn in the mom's house. Here is a five paragraph update from Ayn's mother Amie, concerning her visitation arrangements. It is encouraging as far as visit frequency and quality and even dialogue with the foster parents is concerned.  There continues to be in the minds of observers such as myself, a disappointment associated with the system that rotates caseworkers so frequently that trust and confidence is interrupted. Here follows Amie's comments.  
Wanted to give a quick update. As a result of a meeting on Thursday, my visits have been increased to 3 times a week. Though this process is painfully slow, this is the first time I have been able to see my daughter this often since she's been in the foster system. Visits are now Wednesday 3-6, Saturday 9-1, and Sunday 1-6. Ayn and I are still waiting for our sleep-overs. I'm still advocating to spend as much time with my daughter as possible.
Yesterday, Ayn was in a very happy mood. She was requesting more social interaction from me than usual. She sought out a lot of tickles and actively engaged with me more than she would most of the time. Ayn enjoys her time here. We talked about the fact that she would be coming 3 times a week. She told me she wanted a sleep over to which I responded that I do too, mommy's working on it. She then suggested 4 days. I said that was a good idea, but isn't 3 days great? She agreed.
As of May 1st, there will be a new social worker. I find this very disturbing for a variety of reasons. Ayn's case is very unique. It always takes a while for a new social worker to get up to speed.

Meet and greets with social workers can be very stressful. I have to go through the process of proving myself over and over again, I believe this will be the 7th social worker to take the caseload. I've been asked to consent to criminal record checks at least 5 times though I have offered upon being told of its necessity from the day she was taken away. My boyfriend has been asked at least twice. My roommate has done one as well. I'm hoping this time the information will remain on file as I am not a criminal nor do I associate with criminals.
As time has progressed, I have been able to have a more open dialogue with the foster parent. I have been kept better in the loop in the recent past. We are putting together a communication template so that I will have a better idea of Ayn's disposition and the circumstances leading up to my visits. We occasionally communicate via text and as of Thursday, email. Another small step in the right direction.

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