Sunday, March 3, 2013


This is Sunday March 3, 2013 and B.C.’s Liberal Premier Christy Clark will either decide or be told what the near future holds for her as the party leader and provincial premier. Today at 4PM an emergency meeting of her Cabinet may offer her three options: 1) Clark steps down; 2) Clark stays but the cabinet distance themselves from her; 3) Cabinet manages all issues from now on.

A week has just ended with scandal threatening the Liberal party following the NDP’s Wednesday disclosure of a 17-page multicultural outreach strategy, better called scandal, because it links top government officials to a controversial Liberal party plan to attract the ethnic vote in advance of the May 14th election. Then on Friday a spreadsheet was also leaked suggesting that the Liberal party was using government staff and resources for this effort. Premier Clark has been avoiding reporters all week and she did not appear in the Legislature to communicate her apology for this disgrace but had Rich Coleman read it. Premier Clark has communicated that she has launched an internal investigation, yet even as she did this she had to accept the resignation of her own Deputy Chief of Staff, Kim Haakstad.
Premier Clark is scheduled to meet with the full Liberal caucus on Monday at the Legislature. However, she will first be attending a last-minute meeting with some Liberal MPs on Sunday March 3rd at 4 PM in Vancouver. The Province disclosed that Premier Clark called this Cabinet meeting and that a Clark spokesperson denied that this was an emergency meeting. That may be a spin, since according to Global News, it was several concerned Liberal cabinet ministers who have called an emergency meeting with Clark at that scheduled time and place.  Likely she called it at their demand. She needs to do this to reasonably hope to control damage to her and to her party’s re-election prospects. This is correctly an emergency for Christy herself.

Angus Reid poll, puts the NDP ahead of the Liberals by a whopping 16 percentage points. Ethnic communities have been offended and insulted so analysts think that even more Liberal support will be stripped away because of the ethnic outreach scandal.  Laws of probability indicated it’s going to get worse if all remains the same within the Liberal caucus and inner circle of Christy confidants.  Vancouver Sun reporter Jonathan Fowlie has tweeted a suggestion that cabinet ministers are going to offer the premier three options: 1) Clark steps down; 2) Clark stays but the cabinet distance themselves from her; 3) Cabinet manages all issues from now on.

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  1. Postscript: Premier Clark did not step down and following the emergency Cabinet meeting she announced that they are solidly united in Cabinet. Today her entire caucus meets, and once again a united front will be the projected outcome but there is not question that this will be a heated exchange because there are Liberal MLA's who have had enough under her leadership. Furthermore, four Liberal Party Association Presidents have resigned last week because of this recent scandal as well as what they see as a rising crescendo of memo leaks concerning systemic, endemic, internal disease within the Liberal organization. So, despite the united front that may be presented at the end of the day, there may be decay in the support level within the Party grassroots, and in the public perception which has yet to make up its mind how to vote. Many may not want to vote in another NDP government because memories linger, but this present Liberal alternative is undesirable.


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