Wednesday, June 6, 2012

GETTING PEOPLE, TO GET ALONG: Principles for Empowering People To Be Their Best

Yesterday, I introduced you to a man whom I have known for a number of years, both personally and professionally. I met Dr. Orieux as a dentist, but I got to know him in his capacity as, for want of a better term, a corporate counselor. Dr. Kevin Orieux occupies a unique dual-role in the corporate world. On one hand, he is a professional trainer who teaches leaders how to serve the needs of their people and thereby inspire those same people to ever higher levels of personal performance and fulfillment. On the other hand, he is the owner of the Cloverdale Dental Clinic and he still practices dentistry two days a week. He has written two books on how leaders can create synergy in group settings. The principles that he expounds can positively transform group dynamics, in a business operation, a church, or even in a community service organization such as the B.C. Ministry of Children and Family Development. In yesterday's blog, I recommended that the Ministry of Children and Family Development would profit enormously if at either a local office or at a regional gathering of social workers, or at the Victoria office of the Ministry, Dr. Kevin Orieux were invited to consult and to teach what he knows. Let me tell you about him and what he can contribute. 

Dr. Kevin Orieux is one of the rare breed in the realm of corporate psychology who not only researches and writes on the subject, but has a track record of success with his own business endeavours. As a corporate trainer, keynote speaker and conference guest lecturer, he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.
His business career started thirty years ago at the depths of a recession when unemployment was spiralling, yet he still set sales records. He was quickly promoted to management, and then given the responsibility to train existing company sales staff as well as new recruits. By his mid twenties he was teaching others how to implement a systematic approach to human relations and corporate sales which he had developed himself, utilizing psychological and sociological principles gleaned from his university undergrad courses plus his experiences “in the trenches”.
While undeniably successful, he felt that he was being limited in his opportunities to pursue certain long-term goals. He realized that the etiology of this angst was that he didn’t want to make more dollars; he wanted to make more of a difference. Realizing that higher education was going to facilitate his deeper aspirations he turned his back on a six figure income, leaving the executive ranks to return to the student ranks.
Upon achieving his doctorate in 1989, it didn't take long for colleagues in healthcare to notice there was something different about this young addition to their profession; he seemed to understand the complexities of marketing, motivation and management which were all foreign schools of thought to the vast majority of doctors. With his unique ability to translate from the clinical mindset to the corporate mindset, Dr. Orieux found himself being recruited by various leaders in the healthcare profession, inviting him to implement his unique skill-set by serving with numerous Boards of Directors on the regional, national and international levels.
Once again, by applying the principles he had taught in his twenties, Dr. Orieux achieved even greater successes which led to him being asked to present lectures at conferences and annual general meetings. With an engaging speaking style coupled with his conceptual ability to meld such diverse fields as marketing with medicine and coordinate clinical guidelines with corporate goals, Dr. Orieux earned many distinctions and accolades. Furthermore, his talent for creating educational programs to provide venues of professional development for his colleagues resulted in him being the recipient of five international awards of excellence for education.
Building upon his years of success in the healthcare industry, Dr. Orieux began to embark on his longer term goals by reaching out to serve broader audiences. Aararat Consulting is the natural result of his years of experience in corporate training paired with his clinical skills, which he has combined synergistically to create a private practice in the top 1% of efficiency.
As a corporate speaker, audiences applaud his ability to translate technical and academic information into workshops and training programs which can be readily grasped by everyone from the penthouse to the mailroom. His executive clients resoundingly acknowledge his knack for surgically dissecting complex, multi-faceted psychological principles for management into more workable, bite-size pieces, then stitching these smaller pieces back together to form a “Big Picture” which executives can import back to their company boardrooms, confident they both understand and implement the training they’ve received.
As I reflected on what I had written yesterday, it occurred to me that many of the people I have met, worked with and to whom I have even given counsel, could benefit from some of the things I have learned from Dr. Orieux during our many talks together.  If you own a company, manage a department or office team, or are responsible for identifying qualified speakers for a conference or annual general meeting, you might find that Dr. Orieux may be perfectly suited to help you find ways to bring out the very best in your organization and in your people.
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  1. Dentists pull teeth.
    MCFD needs to be extracted like a rotten tooth.

  2. Customarily I might default to concurring immediately with your comical but incisive comment. Knowing the philosophy and practice of Dr. Orieux has taught me that he does not extract a tooth unless there is no other viable option. He will seek to preserve the tooth by applying his substantial remedial skills. I still believe that right fixes by the right people could transform the existing Ministry, provided that the problem people are removed.


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