Saturday, December 18, 2010

To Whom Can you Complain? / Part 402 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

I would like to know whether any of you who are reading today, have had occasion formally to make a complaint about the ministry. We are told that this is possible. When you have concerns about the care of your child in the foster care program or a concern about a social worker, you are entitled to make this complaint known. Have you ever done this? When it is a complaint about a social worker or when you cannot make contact with the SW, you are encouraged to speak with that SW's supervisor. Of course, to do that, you may have to ask the social worker for the name and phone number of their supervisor. Has that worked? And of course you can write a letter of your concern directly to the social worker with a copy to the supervisor and request reconsideration of a decision or action. Have you done this? Beyond that, the Ministry of Children does have a complaint resolution process for which you may call at no charge to 1-877-387-7027 asking for the dispute resolution consultant in your area. Have you tried that and if so, how did it go? When that is unhelpful, you can call the Board of Registration for Social Workers of BC. Their phone number is (604) 737-4916 (in Vancouver). If the social worker is registered with that board, you can file a complaint with them. Some people turn to their MLA, elected representative (Member of the Legislative Assembly). Have you done this? You might contact your Ombudsman if you are getting help nowhere else, by calling (250) 387-5855 (in Victoria) or 1-800-567-3247 (elsewhere in BC; call no charge). You may ask for this help. Have you called that number? When your complaint is about the care being received in a foster situation by your child, call the Representative for Children and Youth of BC. The phone number is (250) 356-0831 (in Victoria) or 1-800-476-3933 (elsewhere in BC; call no charge). E-mail them at

The Baynes have done all of this unsuccessfully over the course of three years.

(If you missed it on Tuesday when he wrote it, catch Ray Ferris's comment on this same theme.)  If it's as bleak as Ray described it, we are in a deep hole.


  1. The Complaint process seems to be somewhat pointless as many workers are unionized and are in most part not really responsible for thier mistakes wether action or inaction! Usually You will be complainig to thier friends, this will get twisted and thrown back upon the Parents who find themselves further into a hole in which to climb out of!
    The only time this works is usually when the evidence of a mistake or misdeed is so glaring that something has to be done because criminal charges or a civil suit will be immediate to follow and then the courts and lawyers go into damage control mode!
    Remember that Lawyers 1st Duty is to the Bar and the Crown so They will protect that part right away,defendants are 2nd. If the Lawyer chooses to step over that line He or She will usually face the Bar with sanctions or possible loss of license.
    Child Protection is Big Money and these People feed of Your Pain.

    When Your Child was Born You gave Him Up to the State by registering The Child with Government.

  2. Who can believe easily that we have been speaking about Canada throughout these 400 plus blog posts? Where did we get this idea that our nation was a nation of principle and law? Maybe the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I am heartbroken for this nations and family in this nation.
    I cannot appropriate honour for the Baynes. Then, there are many others who suffer as well in this province through the "gov't" of MCFD which rules our courts and elected gov'ts.
    Thank you Ron Unruh, Ray Ferris and Doug Christie for standing personally with families, for freedom and for exposing reality in this nation.
    Almighty God, help!!!

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  4. Whoops !! I was doing an edit and the comment went so I was writing
    "I cannot appropriate sufficient honour to the Baynes and the many others who suffer as well in this province through the "gov't" of MCFDwhich seems to rule our courts and elected gov'ts."

  5. Josef, once again I am concerned with what you write. You make allegations about an individual, Miss Laycock. If you expect me to keep this posted, what evidence can you provide to me to substantiate what you say. Don't just tell me she was criminally negligent and that she confessed to having willfully violated S13. You can send attachments to

  6. Good Evening, Ron! Thank you for not ignoring me! I of course collected and posted copies of many original documents - prima facie evidence - in my blog. They make absolutely irrefutable evidence of wrongdoings, deliberately committed by many public servants against innocent second class citizens. Unfortunately, my English is too incomprehensible. A long time ago for the first time, and most recently three weeks ago I made my offer to pay $ 200, in cash if someone wishes to stay anonymous editor, for reducing my 2785 words long opus magnum into less than 600 words long review I wish to use as an introductory article of my blog. I know it is not too much, yet it is a big part of my monthly disability welfare. Anyway, there is the link to the copy of the CF&CS INTAKE REPORT :
    Thank you very much for not ignoring me! I do not expect anything more than the most casual public acknowledgment of my reports of public servants catastrophic corruption, and you did so already! I know how extremely important is your work, and, like most of your readers, I wish the best outcome for every victim of Canadian public servants. The Bayne's family reunion will be the crown of your good service to fellow citizens. Your scrupulous "objectivity" is sometimes tragicomic, but I take off my hat for all your hard work! Thank you.


  7. Josef, you have my email address in my previous note. Send me the 2700 word document that you talking about.

  8. I wish I had the position to write a book, I would call it 'Child Apprehension, it is not what you think'. I am no longer attending the dinners and the courses with the other parents who lost their children, but I do remember their experiences.
    One mother who was quite friendly and pretty and hard working lost her 13 year old daughter and her 9 year old daughter. She is a single mom and works hard and could not keep a proper eye on the older girl who was getting quite rebellious and had started smoking pot and hanging around at the sky train with other kids at night.
    MCFD took her daughter and also took the 9 year old as they consider one at risk, all at risk. This mom had been coming to parenting classes for one year and worked night shifts so she could accommodate to MCFD's demands.
    When she talked to her daughter, they would sometimes have arguments on the phone and this was duly noted as the reason for her to not have her kids returned yet. One point she made in parenting class was why did they take the younger girl too? A sad result.
    Another thing that she saw was when she was coming to work in the evenings, her daughter was out on the street corner, still smoking pot and the foster family could not take care of keeping her at home either, yet MCFD did nothing.
    So, the foster family could freely do what she had lost her kids for and no one stopped them.

  9. The one thing I complained about to RCY was the splitting up of my children and changing of schools. The RCY call centre lady said they don't accept calls from parents, such calls have to come from kids. What if the kids are too young and scared, or barely know how to communicate on the phone?

    So that was one lesson learned. Don't go to RCY if you are a parent trying to get help for your kids in care.

    I would be confused as to what results would be obtained by filing a formal complaint that is different from normal escalation. Talking to the social worker, emailing a follow-up or two, a written letter, a follow-up with the team leader then community service manager. After that, file a court order and file a sworn affidavit. If the judge denies you that, then appeal that. I took that route, I didn't make a complaint. The level beyond that is saving up audio recordings and going public.

    The mediation and complaint process is for MCFD's benefit, not yours. By showing they have an internal process, they get to avoid an external review such as a Human Rights Complaint tribunal. Using their process means forgoing accountability and a proper record of events.

    If you are fortunate enough to have a social worker that is registered with the College and these people disobey the College rules, then you can complain and the social worker has to hire a lawyer to defend themselves. During this time, the social worker can be suspended and another worker would be assigned to the parent.

    A parent has an easier time in court of the social workers are falling all over themselves trying to vilify the parents before the judge (as Finn has done) when there is insufficient evidence. If parents have indeed abused their children and have a track record of doing so, social workers do not have to waste time trying so hard to generate new evidence through expensive PCA's, medical and other psychological examinations, and intensive parenting courses.

    Mediations, as opposed to court process are behind closed doors, are not appealable. If you are not VERY careful with wording on agreements, they can come back and bite you. Try complaining about that.

    Recall the Baynes agreement where they thought MCFD returned the boys as a prelude to returning Bethany, then in court we hear it was a CONTEMPLATION of a return, not an actual return. Also the statement of the social worker saying the parents were free and clear to take the boys wherever they wanted, I believe the fellow stated he did not recall saying that. What would be the point of complaining?

    I believe one fellow said to go through at least one complaint process to see how it works. It may well be social workers become more careful about making ad hoc rules if they are aware you will complain and cause them more work, and force certain information to be part of the record.

    Anything to do with day to day parenting decisions, such as haircuts, attending school and activity functions may be best addressed through a complaint process. Larger ticket items such as relaxing supervision, getting a non-professional supervisor, in-home visits may be better addressed in a court application.

  10. One just has to look at the Scandal of the century that started off the Website Injusticebusters and then when someone gives Me a wild story about Government abuse I stop and Listen! Nobody Has received apology and they still take the stance that these people are Guilty yet there are major errors and confessions made by the Real Guilty Persons!

    If something this heinous carried out by Police,Judges and CPS workers and they were never prosecuted for thier crimes so whats 2 parents and 3 children?
    Who knows how many People lives are Turned inside Out daily for profit as thats what many of these cases come right down to!
    Family Services would lead many to believe that a large percentage of Parents commit abuse against thier children and many social workers come to believe this in thier minds as crazy as that sounds also! Thier on a Crusade to protect Children from that Awful thing called a Family.

  11. They (MCFD, et al) are on a crusade to protect Children from That Awful thing called the Family.

    Wow, you hit the nail on the head, Anon at December 18, 2010, 11:18 pm.


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