Friday, July 9, 2010

Here is an interesting resource:

Parents' Rights, Kids' Rights: A Parent's Guide to Child Protection Law in BC

Explains what can happen if the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development has concerns about a child's safety and well-being or is planning to remove a child from the family home. Also provides detailed information about developing agreements with the ministry, what happens in court during child protection hearings, and what family members and advocates can do if they have concerns about a child's foster care or a complaint about a social worker.

Here it is in pdf format which you can review right now.

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  1. Powers of social worker:
    1. speak to your child alone....without telling you... -
    Social worker does not have legal consent from the child and child does not have legal representation when talking to the child - the conversation and outcome of this is a hearsay - and job creation for social worker. Without consent of the parent - as parent is the legal guardian - he has the right to be informed of ANY stranger who is left alone with their child. This brochure spelling on white and black that rights of the child and parent are violated.
    2. Talk to people who know your child - this is invasion of privacy - legalized gossip, actually it is going against privacy laws.
    3. Look at any paperwork... - you need parent consent, or judge order - does anyone with legal knowledge ever read this stuff? Hello Canadians WAKE up!!!
    Come to your home announced? What about 24 hour warning and meeting at the office? to talk. Police needs warrant to get in the house. And who are you? oh, social worker - then you do not need the law guiding Canadians, come in my house and find any dirty dishes, or maybe house is too clean and we have Obsessive Cleaning Disorder or maybe too much toys, come in and find anything to justify why you want my blond blue eyed baby.
    And sure I am concerned you talking to my child,...and me as anything my child says and I say and my family says or does not say will be used against us and lead to court battle that you win in 98%. And at the end even if we are in 2% we will never afford to pay for our child education and will leave on minimum for the rest of our lives recuperating from your talk and visit.
    And mostly of the workers are NOT SOCIAL workers they are people from streets who did not fit anywhere else in life. This brochure is misleading. Does it mean if person comes and can not prove that they have social worker degree they do not have rights to intervene?
    Some go in child protection because they were abused and now they see abuse everywhere.
    The only nice social workers I met did not work for child protection. It takes a special kind of people to work in child protection and know all illegal stuff that happening to the families.


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