Thursday, October 22, 2009

Paul and Zabeth Bayne - Part Eight - The Alarming Case of B.C. Government's Miscarriage of Justice

Shaken Baby Syndrome Defense

I am confident that intervention by Ministry of Children and Family Development has over the course of years, prevented some children from being seriously injured by abusive parents and even saved their lives. Many of those children I am sure found homes with foster and adoptive parents where they experienced loving nurture and a level of committed care they didn’t know existed. That is one side of this proverbial two sided coin.

However, here is another side. How prolific must misdiagnoses be in North America that innocent people and advocates for innocent people feel compelled to create an entire defence program and a website to assist one another to overcome invasive assaults by government children’s’ agencies. While ostensibly created to protect children, in more cases than any of us desire to know, such agencies through ill advised decisions have destroyed entire families and squander children’s’ futures because the right decisions were not made.

Here is a website called Shaken Baby Syndrome Defense. It wouldn’t exist apart from the appalling quantity of parents and caregivers who have been suspected, charged, convicted and sentenced wrongfully for shaking a baby, when in fact the physical symptoms being flagged have been misdiagnosed.

Presently, reporting regulations requires that when retinal hemorrhages and subdural hematomas are discovered in a child, the child is immediately referred to protective services. A mitigating factor must be a believable story from the parent or care giver. If that story doesn’t sell, then the SBS diagnosis is applied and the caregiver is put under suspicion and possibly charged. Charges will not be laid if the story is supported by a credible witness or two. However, if the story cannot be corroborated and if it is merely a story about a household mishap rather than a motor vehicle accident or something traumatically awful, SBS is the fall back assessment. The child will not receive further testing for alternative causes.

The goal of this online Defense provider is to supply a defense attorney, a medical expert, a concerned family member or someone who is falsely accused, with user-friendly information concerning diagnosis and prosecution of Shaken Bay Syndrome cases. This website seeks to send out information that busts the myths concerning childhood head trauma. It cites a list of five erroneous assumptions about non-accidental trauma and the Shaken Baby Syndrome Theory.

1. Subdural hematomas and retinal hemorrhages can only be caused by shaking, even in the absence of other injuries.
2. Short distance falls can not kill infants or toddlers.
3. Chronic subdural hematomas cannot rebleed with lesser degrees of trauma.
4. All subdural hematomas will be immediately symptomatic.
5. Retinal hemorrhages can only occur in cases of no accidental trauma.

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