Friday, September 25, 2009


You will need to refer to the previous post to understand the setting for this one.

When Pat is not working he occasionally pops into the Benefit Shop to look around. During one visit he noticed the manager preparing this painting for an auction. Given permission to look more closely at the canvas Pat found that the eyes and the smile of the Russian Woman reminded him of his own grandmother. Upon reading the tale on the back of the painting about the trade for a VW plus $1.00 and that the painting was to be left to my eldest child, he considered asking the local St. Catharines Standard newspaper to publish a feature story. He wanted to send me a diecast Volkswagon with one dollar and his contact information but could not locate the diecast VW. Time passed and at last he chose to contact me by email.

Pat's grandparents farmed in Thorold and owned Properties around the Niagara Region. His grandmother prepared daily family meals, managed 200 head of beef cattle and still found time at day's end for a cup of tea and a relaxing TV show, only to wake up in the morning to do it all over again. Pat greatly respected his grandmother and the painting reminds him of her.

Pat told me that he too would write on the back of my painting explaining where he had purchased it, would attach the receipt and for the time being the Old Russian Woman will rest, and perhaps one day travel again. He gave me permission to use his real name. And he asked me to enjoy my day. I am.

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