Saturday, March 30, 2013


Amie Van Dyk, Ayn's mom sees her regularly now and her recent March 24th update is an encouraging one. Ayn is the ten year old girl who was taken from her father's care in June 2011 and still remains the custody and care of the Ministry of Children in B.C. She is a girl with autism. YOU WILL WANT TO HEAR WHAT HER MOM SAYS SO PLEASE READ ON.
Her father, Derek Hoare, was her caregiver and sole custodian. He cares for his two other children, sons, one of whom is also autistic. He is a responsible man and father. Amie has expressed her support for his parenting. Whatever the Ministry's reason(s) may be for removing Ayn from him, (they took her from her school one day,) it would not hold up in a court of law, but of course, the case has not proceeded to a court of law. MCFD has made promises of returning the child and that keep Derek from pressing forward for that day in court. Derek went on record that he would not show up to visit his daughter because it would break her heart to see him leave her behind and to know that he was not taking her home with him. He could not do that. Some have challenged that position but he is entitled to it and he does know this girl better than anyone. Amie, from whom he is divorced has visited her daughter, and recently was granted unsupervised overnight in her own home with her girl. So here is her update.

Today I thought I'd provide an update about my visits with Ayn.

Ayn loves technology. She enjoys making videos with my phone. She loves to download and install pictures and videos. Ayn has dedicated music, video, and picture folders on my computer. She insisted that we customize the icons for each because a traditional folder icon just doesn't cut it. It looks like I will be doing some work on my computer tonight because I have acquired a few new toolbars, a new browser and I'm not even sure what that program is, lol. 

Today was a beautiful sunny day in Abbotsford, British Columbia. After baking chocolate chip cookies, we spent some time at the park. We had a great time enjoying the sunshine. 

Ayn is very intent on sleeping at Mommy's house. She is determined to change into pajamas shortly upon her arrival. She quite adamantly declares she does not want to go home, over and over again, every time our visit is about to end. She gets slightly angry and has a mild tantrum when it's time to leave :(

It's always sad to see her go. I'm constantly worried that something will go wrong. What if there's a new social worker? What if she falls down and skins her knee while she's with me? What sort of reports are coming out of the foster home? I try to concentrate on variables that I can control but I feel like so much is out of my hands.

So... I keep plowing away, continuing to spend as much time with my daughter as I'm allowed. Telling her mommy is working on having sleep overs as soon as we can.

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